Silk Road - Gold & Blue Silk Soap

This cold process soap is scented in Walk the Rainbow (from a past PPU Baroness X Acetone Antidote, our sister brand). Walk the Rainbow smells exactly like a bag of Skittles. It's fruity, sweet, and a little bit nostalgic.

This recipe is moisturizing and has a nice "slip" on the skin. That slip or silky smooth feel is due to the silk that has been added to the recipe, and it creates an amazingly smooth lather. This makes the soap non-vegan but it is cruelty free! The fibers are collected from cocoons after the caterpillar of the silkmoths have emerged.

Cold process soap bars are handmade with natural, raw ingredients and are detergent-free by nature. We choose to make cold process soaps because we find that full melt and pour bars (which are glycerin based soaps), tend to be very drying to the skin. That's why we try to keep embeds and glycerin soap additives to a minimum in our soaps, just for decoration.

As with all bar soaps, leave it to dry in a dish between uses.

saponified olive oil, saponified palm oil (RSPO sustainable), saponified coconut oil, glycerin, saponified sweet almond oil, saponified castor oil, ultramarine blue, tussah silk, mica for decoration

Product Size: 4oz

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