La Vie En Rose - Rose Clay & Pink Salt Facial Soap

This Pink Himalayan Salt and Rose Clay soap was formulated the summer of 2020 for a few family members to combat maskne on sensitive skin and combination skin types. This is a skin-softening soap for face and body that conditions, gently cleanses and refreshes with a silky-smooth texture. Whether you have problem skin or not this is a gentle yet effective cleansing soap, rose clay is the most gentle of all clays. Oatmeal, and its natural oil coat, moisturize, protect and gently cleanse, while correcting the pH of itchy or inflamed skin. Sea salt has amazing benefits for the skin as well. So we've packed the amazing benefits of all three into one bar. You could use this bar on your problem areas or entire body as well, not just your face.

Collidal oatmeal soothes irritated skin. Something we could all probably use during the winter months, whether you have really low temps and/or dry weather. It contains phenols, an antiseptic, which encompass its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. It also has high levels of starch and beta-glucan, a polysaccharide with inhibiting abilities, which is primarily responsible for its moisture-retentive properties.

Rose clay is a very gentle clay known for drawing out impurities without drying your skin, which also renews and rejuvenates cells, improves elasticity and helps regenerate skin tissue.

It's known that artificial colors and scents (even natural ones) can be irritating to skin. You will not find those in our facial soaps ever because we want to start off on the right foot with the first step of skin care, cleansing. That said, fragrance and sulfates cause constant irritation. If you have problem skin anywhere, you should try to use unscented and carefully formulated products so your skin has the best chance to heal itself and be cleansed without extra irritation.

Now you may be asking about the coconut oil in this soap... "isn't coconut oil comedogenic? won't it clog my pores?" Nope! And here is why. It is important to understand that the coconut oil in our soap is “saponified.” When an oil is saponified that means it is no longer an oil. The chemical reactions in cold process soap making turns oil molecules into soap molecules by combining it with potassium hydroxide. So rest assured our facial soaps are non-comedogenic!

Here are some of the key benefits to using a salt soap:

  • they are beneficial for the skin in that they help to balance the natural oils in your skin and don't strip it like detergent SLS soaps
  • most importantly it exfoliates gently as you use it, salt bars are not rough
  • salt soap bars are very hard so they last longer than regular bars of soap
  • some say they pull toxins from the body because of the minerals in the salt
  • they produce a creamy lather rather than a bubbly one
  • the salt allows the skin to better absorb the natural glycerin that is present in cold process soap, which means NATURAL moisture

As with all bar soaps, leave it to dry in a dish between uses.

Ingredients: saponified coconut oil, Himalayan pink salt, glycerin, saponified olive oil, saponified organic shorea sal butter,saponified organic shea butter, saponified organic hemp oil, saponified castor oil, colloidal oatmeal, rose clay

Each bar will weigh approximately 3.75oz.



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