SALE Enchanted Lotus Dappen Dish with Lid


Please limit 2 per customer for now.

We are pleased to be offering two beautiful lotus dappen dishes. The dish and cap are made of glass and it comes packed in a blue gift box to prevent breakage.

Dappen dishes are used to hold a small amount of product for each individual manicure. Dishes can be used to hold a small amount of acetone, powder, gemstones, or anything small you would like to keep track of during a manicure. They are most commonly used to hold a small amount of acetone for an individual manicure. 

Our new Acetone Antidote Dropper Bottles work well with the Enchanted Lotus Dappen Dish. Simply add 3-6 drops of Acetone Antidote for each mL of acetone to the dish, then use a one of our clean up brushes to mix. 

We will also include an HDPE pipette so you can measure out your acetone by mL. HDPE is a safe plastic to use with acetone as it will not degrade. Please dedicate this pipette for acetone use only.

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