Fox Fire - Hydrating Foxy Gloss - Kitsune (holo)


Kitsune is our holographic shimmer, clear gloss, there is no flavor/scent. The holo pigment used in this gloss has been specially formulated to be lip and eye safe. We've also checked the safety data sheet included with this pigment to ensure this. Kitsune is available in a clear base or a pink tinted base.

We've added enough pigment to ensure your lips glitter rainbows in the sun and in certain indoor lights. But not so much that you will get a greyish cast to your lips, because that's NOT hot.

  • No scent or flavor to this lip gloss
  • High Shine and Hydration - We've added jojoba oil, avocado oil, camellia oil, argan oil, and rosehip seed oil to help maintain and promote lip hydration.  *We use the extra hydrating version of Versagel, it's a bit harder to find and a little more costly but well worth it!
  • 2 in 1 gloss and balm - The gloss itself will protect your lips from drying out especially in windy or dry weather.
  • Formulated to leave your lips silky smooth and not sticky. Your hair won't stick to it and cause tangles, which is one of the things many people want to avoid in a lip gloss.
  • Vegan formula
  • Each holographic lip gloss tube holds 5ml.

Ingredients: Versagel* (extra hydrating formula), caprylic/capric triglyceride (fractionated coconut oil, non-comedogenic), jojoba oil, avocado oil, camellia oil, argan oil, rosehip seed oil, sweet almond oil, lip-safe holographic cosmetic pigment

Thank you to @polishedlifting, @cosmeticsanctuary and @bentminddesigns and her models for the beautiful photos!

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