Fox Fire & Moonbow Wax Duo (Preorder 9/12)

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Moonbow Wax - Sinistre - a dark navy tinted melt brushed with a red, gold to green shimmer, 2oz break apart bar ($6)
Fragrance notes - a decadent blend of blackberry, tonka and smooth vanilla
Fox Fire Wax - Pirate's Tea at Sea - a dark grey clamshell with copper metallic shimmer, 2.8oz clamshell ($4.50)
Fragrance notes: an oceanic and ozone based musk blended with orange pekoe black tea with hints of clove, vanilla and amber

Preorder is Sept 12th to 22nd.
Shipping will begin Sept 27th.

Category: duo, fox fire, moonbow, wax, wax melts, wax tarts

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