LE Fruity Bubbly Dough - Talc-Free and Vegan

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This "play dough" for bath (or shower) time is sulfate-free, paraben-free, phlalate-free, and talc-free...unlike the popular and internationally available version from a large bath and body company. This jar has enough Bubbly Dough for 5-12 baths!
Don't be fooled by the size of these, they are packed full of fragrance and make LOTS of bubbles for their size. I would take 1-3 small grape sized portions to a regular size bath. It just depends on how many bubbles you like. Remember, just like with bubble bars, running them under the water will make the most bubbles. A mesh or organza bag is good for this!
There are 3 scents and colors of dough for you or your kiddos to play with in the tub, shower or just to wash hands. The colors and scents are as follows (1.5 oz portion of each):
  • Green ~ dupe of Tutti Dolce's fragrance 'Mango Sorbetto', sweet mango, raspberry and lemon curd
  • Pink ~ Pink Berry Mimosa - raspberries, sweet strawberries & citrus peel in a sparkling pink moscato
  • Orange ~ Satsuma Guava - bright satsuma blended with orange blossoms and jasmine
I chose these scents because they all go really well with one another when mixed without being too many scents. They are all very fruity and sweet but a more adult sweet, like a well mixed tropical drink.
Just pinch off portion(s) you want from the jar and seal it back up, this will preserve your dough for much longer and keep it from getting very gooey.
Please note all versions of this product I have used has a little bit of a tacky quality to it if you handle it a lot, the heat from your hands will make it more pliable. That's due to the large amounts of glycerin, which is a very good emollient for your skin, the ultimate hydrator and protector. It's kind of like a really dry cookie dough at room temperature. 

sodium bicarbonate, glycerin, sodium lauryl sulfoacetate, maranta arundinacea (arrowroot) root powder, adosonia gregoril, fragrance, simmondsia chinensis (jojoba) seed oil, phenoxyethanol (and) caprylyl glycol (and) sorbic acid

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