GalaXy Glints + Bind & Burnish Duo

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Tucana (H, LE) + Bind & Burnish
Felis (H) + Bind & Burnish
Hydra (H) + Bind & Burnish
Draco (H) + Bind & Burnish
Cassiopeia (H) + Bind & Burnish
Betelguese + Bind & Burnish
Polaris + Bind & Burnish
Antares + Bind & Burnish
Rigel + Bind & Burnish

GalaXy Glints Burnishing Powders and the Bind & Burnish Base Coat are available as a duo. Each duo will come with a powder color of your choice, and one mini 8mL Bind & Burnish Base Coat.

With Holo - Constellations

  • Tucana - pink/gold/green w/holo (THIS IS A LIMITED OPTION for now, may come back if there is demand)
  • Felis - copper/gold/green w/holo (similar to OGUP)
    w/ holo
  • Hydra - gold/lime/green/blue w/holo
  • Draco - green/blue/purple w/holo
  • Cassiopeia - royal blue/royal purple/fuschia w/holo

Without Holo - Stargazers

  • Betelguese - copper/gold/green (similar to OGUP)
  • Polaris - gold/lime/green/blue
  • Antares - green/blue/purple
  • Rigel - royal blue/royal purple/fuschia

The Bind & Burnish Base Coat was created to use with the GalaXy Glints Burnishing Powders or as a great sticky base coat to make your mani last longer. Bind & Burnish (B&B) dries with a tacky finish making it the perfect base to use to adhere loose powder. 

To use, paint on a regular coat of the B&B Base Coat (not too thin or too thick). After 30-40 seconds you can see that it dries down to a slightly matte finish, this means it's time to apply your powder. You can either use a makeup applicator pad or your fingertip to apply. Many customers have reported using a combination of the two. Let the base coat fully set for a minute and then finish off with our Liquid Crystal Top Coat

GalaXy Glints Burnishing Powders and the Bind & Burnish Base Coat are available individually so you can order a full size base coat, multiple burnishing powders or full collection sets of powders.

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