Pick 3 Mini of our NEW Top Coats / Base Coats

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These are only available as minis for a limited time. Try before you buy.
Pick three 8ml minis from the list below and leave a note at checkout.

  • Smokescreen - Matte Top Coat (Vegan) - Creates a smooth matte finish
  • Hydromancy - Gel Like Top Coat (Vegan) - A gel like quick dry top coat with no shrinkage
  • Assimilate - Rapid Dry Top Coat (Vegan) - A glossy quick dry top coat
  • Spellbound - 3 in 1 Base Coat - A sticky base coat that fills ridges and strengthens nails
  • Riveted 2.0 - Base Coat (Vegan) - A nourishing & strengthening base coat with vitamin B5 and C, and biotin

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