Black Cat & Full Moon Handmade Soap - Sweater Weather

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Black Cat & Full Moon handmade cold process cat themed soap scented in Sweater Weather. Juicy apples and golden peaches all mellowed out with musk and an earthy oakmoss. This is a dupe for Bath and Body Works Sweater Weather.

The bottom black cat layer is colored with binchotan charcoal. The sky is colored with micas and charcoal, both moons are UV reactive. The full moon on top glows green with a body-safe glow pigment. Also on top are some iridescent (green/purple) black bats. (The moon and bat embeds are glycerin melt and pour soap but the rest of the soap is made from scratch). The top is finished off with eco-glitter* in silver holo to mimic the starry sky. There has been a cat face stamped on one side and "meow" on the other.

We've added binchotan white charcoal to this soap as the black colorant. The surface of binchotan charcoal is made up of macro and micro pores which allow the charcoal to attract and absorb a range of unwanted particles in air, water or the human body. This charcoal is milled to just the right size to put the charcoal’s absorptive properties to it's best use when added to soap, detoxing and purifying your skin. It works with all skin types, with daily use, users report seeing improved radiance, texture, and tone.

*It's very important to us to follow the "green" industry standards of glitter in wash off products, as such, we do not use plastic PET glitter in any of our products that will hit the water systems, eventually making it's way to the ocean. We only use eco-glitter for bath and shower products. Don't like glitter? Not to worry, this eco glitter will wash off the bar in the first shower use.

Ingredients: saponified olive oil, saponified organic and sustainable palm oil, saponified coconut oil, saponified shea butter, fragrance, saponified castor oil, glycerin soap embeds (sorbitol, sodium cocoate, propylene glycol, sodium stearate, water, glycerin), kaolin clay, binchotan charcoal, mica, luminescent zinc sulfide, silver holo eco-glitter

Bars will arrive ready to use, weight is approx 6 oz.

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