Clear Magnifying Stamper

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This set includes:

  • 1 acrylic magnifying holder
  • 1 acrylic cap
  • 1 jumbo silicone stamper head 3.2cm wide. The stamper is squishy and a but fragile. Don't pick at it. No need to push hard to get the transfer to work like with hard stamp heads.
  • 2 clear scrapers (one small and one larger size. The Baroness X scrapers are thick like a credit card so that you can keep a proper angle when scraping the polish across the plate.)

*Do not use acetone to clean the stamp head. You can use any kind of tape or a lint roller to remove excess polish, dust, fuzzies, etc.

Thank you to @dancerspolishedlife and @mgshelnails on IG for the photos. 

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