Dual Tip Silicone Nail Art Tool

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This dual tip silicone tool works well for a variety of different nail art applications. Each tool comes with a pointy tip and a flat edge tip.

  • Use either end to tease out or "pull" pools of fluid art when making decals. By using the tool this way it creates larger cells and larger decals. This allows the decal to dry at a quicker rate and uses less polish overall.
  • This tool can also aid with the application of decals. It's a gentle way to smooth out the polish into the crease of the nail bed. 
  • In addition to being a great tool for fluid art decals, this can be used as a reusable burnishing tool for powders and flakies. You can also use this tool to draw out nail art designs or create negative space designs in your mani.

Cleanup with tape, do not use acetone.

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