Portholes to the Galaxy - "Window" Fluid Art Kit


Please leave color choices in the "notes" section at checkout. If no choices are left in the notes or emailed to us within 24 hours of purchasing colors will be chosen at random.

Pick 2 Kit $26 (savings of $7)

Pick 4 Kit - $34 (savings of $13)*

How To Use:

  • Use the fluid art as you usually would with Porthole and a regular polish color of your choice to make decals. Manipulating the mat by turning it and moving the polish pool side with a tool is going to get you larger cells than the smoosh method.
  • While decals are drying (takes anywhere from 15min to 30mins depending on your climate/room conditions), apply the burnishing powder/glitter or flakies with the Bind & Burnish Base Coat.
  • Apply a layer of topcoat
  • Apply decal while topcoat is still a bit tacky
  • Seal the edges and topcoat your finished work.

Burnishing Powder Color Choices:

    Stargazer Set - iridescent burnishing powders

    • Electra - fuschia/rose gold/green
    • Pollux - deep magenta/bronze/gold/hint of lime
    • Betelgeuse - copper/gold/green (similar to OGUP)
    • Capella - gold/green/sky blue
    • Polaris - chartreuse/lime/green/blue
    • Bellatrix - green/blue/purple
    • Antares - teal green/blue/purple
    • Vega - indigo blue/violet/hint of rose
    • Rigel - royal blue/royal purple/fuschia


    Constellation Set

    • Tucana - pink/gold/green w/holo (THIS IS A LIMITED OPTION for now, may come back if there is demand)
    • Cygnus - fuschia/rose gold/green w/holo
    • Lyra - deep magenta/bronze/gold/hint of lime
    • Felis - copper/gold/green w/holo (similar to OGUP)
    • w/ holo
    • Vespa - gold/green/sky blue w/holo
    • Hydra - chartreuse/lime/green/blue w/holo
    • Vulpecula - green/blue/purple w/holo
    • Draco - teal green/blue/purple w/holo
    • Orion - indigo blue/violet/hint of rose w/holo
    • Cassiopeia - royal blue/royal purple/fuschia w/holo

    Galaxy Glitters - Jupiter Moons (Iridescent Glitters)

    • Callisto - pink/yellow/green
    • Europa - green/blue/indigo
    • Io - orange/yellow/green

    Galaxy Glitters - Neptune Moons (Multichrome Glitters)

    • Proteus - blue/red
    • Galatea - teal/purple
    • Triton - gold/green/sky blue

    Galaxy Prisms

    • Pleiades - large silver holographic flakes

    Magnetic - Nebulas

    • Helix Nebula - magenta/bronze/gold/green
    • Heart & Soul Nebula - bronze/gold/green
    • Bubble Nebula - teal/blue/purple
    • Ghost of Jupiter - gold/green/sky blue

    Galaxy Glints - Holographic Flakes for Nail Art

    • Red* - Mars
    • Gold - Psyche 16
    • Green - Uranus
    • Blue - Neptune
    • Hot Pink - GJ 504b
    • Pale Pink - Mercury

    If you purchase a ball chain it will be packaged with Porthole or in with another fluid art color in your order. We are doing this in an effort to keep our plastic use to a minimum.

    Thank you to @bentminddesigns for the beautiful swatches!

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