Doomed - Purple Jelly

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Doomed* is meant to be used as an undie for Doomfire, a Baroness X fan group custom. The first photo shows one coat of Doomed alone. The Second photo shows one coat of Doomed under Doomfire. (This polish has twice the purple pigment of Doomjelly.)

Type: jelly polish
Glitter: none
Opacity: use one coat under Doomfire 
NotesTwo coats can be used for a fuller coverage look. You can also use this as an undie with a UP topper to recreate the look of Doomfire.

Last photo shows Doomed as an undie with Doomfire.

*This polish bottle will not come with a cab on top due to the jelly finish.

Thank you to @thepolishedmage and @breedlovehoops for the beautiful photos!

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