Quixotica - Teal Jelly with Rainbow Flakies, Holo Micro Shards and Gold to Blue Pigment

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Quixotica is a teal jelly with gold to blue shifting pigment, silver holo micro-shard glitter and green & blue chrome flakies.

Type: jelly polish
Glitter/Flakies: rainbow chrome flakies, holo microshard glitter and shifting unicorn pee pigment (edited to add: some consider this unicorn pee pigment still even though it doesn't shift red to green, to be safe I now call it pegasus pee pigment. the shift is still very obvious and the shimmer has the same qualities since they are related. it's also just as spendy and rare as unicorn pee pigment.)
Opacity: use 3 coats for a jelly polish look or 1 as a topper over any color you'd like
Notes: 3rd photo shows this over a layer of a darker teal green

Thanks to @pgsnichole, @msidarose @mylacquercabinet, @thepolishedmage & @kelliegonzo for the beautiful swatches!

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