Hawaiian Shaved Ice Collection

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The Hawaiian Shaved Ice collection is a six piece collection inspired by these delicious summer treats! These all have bright bases (4 are neons) with contrasting shimmer and icy white microflakes plus a fun topper!

Purchasing the whole set will save you $7 off the total cost.

  • Tiger's Blood - Pink neon base with icy white microflakes, purple shimmer and blue/purple aurora. (This is a blend of watermelon, strawberry and coconut at many shaved ice shops.)
  • Guava - Orange neon with icy white microflakes, green microflake and turquoise shimmer. (This is a less obvious contrasting shimmer and it's noticeable in person, hard to catch on photos.)
  • Green River - Green neon with icy white microflake, gold microflake and gold shimmer. (This is a common term for the lemon-lime flavor at some shaved ice shops.)
  • Blue Hawaiian - Teal neon with icy white microflake and blue to violet shifting aurora and matching shimmer.
  • Lilikoi - A bright violet jelly with icy white microflake and orange to green shifting shimmer, this polish comes with a sample of our Fox Fire branded Anti-Aging Lip Balm in Lilikoi Rose scent. (Lilikoi is the Hawaiian word for passion fruit.)
  • Snowcapped - This clear based topper has small to medium sized orange/gold/green shifting glitter, a sprinkle of: holo, pink/copper/gold aurora and icy white microflakes. (This is what you ask for if you want sweetened condensed milk on top of your shaved ice.)


Thank you @gotnail, @thepolishedmage, @velvetmarmoset, @dancerspolishedlife, @cosmeticsanctuary for the beautiful swatches!

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