LAST BATCH - Live Long & Paws-per - LE polish

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with Undies?

Rich purple jelly-ish base with three times the pegasus pee, and a bit of twinkly holo shimmer

You can opt to get this with purple jelly "Doomed" undies for $5.50 more (usually it's $8) to save on that fill line.

Glitter: none
Opacity: 1 coat as a topper or 3 on it's own
Notes: This has 3 times the sister pee as other sister UP polishes. This is a LE polish, she made her debut in our Cats In Space '17 Black Friday Box.

Thanks to @breedlovehoops @ninas_nail_art @thepolishedmage @velashaa on IG for the beautiful swatches!

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