RTS - Faceted Snowballs - Wax Melts - Fox Fire Wax & Bath Co.

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These scents are available in a faceted round snowball shape and weighs approximately 2.5oz (by weight).

Fox Fire branded wax is an in-house blended para-soy wax. These are best cured for 1-2 weeks but we've found them to be even stronger after 3 weeks.

Scent List:

  • Almond Orange Spire - this scent is reminiscent of a blend of orange and almond liqueur. (it's on the fruity, sweet side; but a grown up version, not really a candy or straight fruit scent)
  • Amaretto Café* - creamy amaretto coffee
  • Black Fig & Cedar Sachets - fruity, earthy black fig and fresh cedar
  • Blood Orange & Black Pepper - tangy blood orange, bergamot, spicy peppercorn, and a hint of oakmoss
  • Candy Cane Cupcake Fluff* - marshmallow topped peppermint cupcakes with a chocolate drizzle
  • Caramel Drizzled Pecan Pie Cheesecake* - cheesecake with toasted pecans, caramel, spices and a scoop of ice cream
  • Cassis & Cedar* - blackcurrant cassis, wild fig, and earthy cedar
  • Chai House* - freshly brewed chai with a touch of cinnamon and a coconut macaron on the side
  • Clockwork Orange Cake - dreamsicle with 7up pound cake
  • Cookie Season* - Thin mints, coffee, and chocolate drizzle
  • Cruel Summer - mac apple, peppermint aloe and ice cream scoops (like it's summer and a sunburnt beotch wants some froyo or ice cream or fruit and you only have a mac apple, sads)
  • Demi's Waffles - pecan waffles with extra whipped cream and Vermont maple syrup
  • Essence of Greenery - mac apples and a bushel of greenery and a touch of citrus (green leaves, arugula, cyclamen, basil, key lime and bergamot)
  • Fried Guava Pastries* - light fluffy pastry packed with guava preserves
  • Hygge - fresh lavender and creamy coconut milk
  • Iced Wine* - sweet grape wine with grapefruit and bergamot (Lush dupe)
  • Lavender Shortbread Cookies - sweet buttery shortbread with notes of fresh lavender
  • Lemon Souffle - fresh lemon dessert
  • Old World Christmas* - inviting notes of citrus, cinnamon, and clove
  • Peachy 'n Beachy - step onto the beach in Georgia, peaches and salty sea air fill the senses
  • Peppermint Shortbread Cookies - shortbread cookies and peppermint
  • Pineapple Soda - smells like Jarrito's pineapple soda
  • Pink Pepper (not a pepper scent) - named after a gothy store that smelled of black vanilla and raspberries in the Raval area of Barcelona
  • Purple Cow* - grape popsicles with vanilla ice cream
  • Rosa del Raval - mojitos, island fruits and bitters - named after our favorite Mexican restaurant in Barcelona - they have the BEST mojitos ever
  • Smores - buttery graham cracker, sweet chocolate and homemade marshmallows
  • Sour Passion Fruit Slushie - sweet and sour mixture of citrus, passion fruit, and cherry
  • Sparkling Winter Spice* - earthy notes of cedar and pine with bright notes of lemon and spiced fruit, finished with a light vanilla
  • Spektroliitista - smells like a fire on a cool beach with scents of sea salt and light smoke
  • Sugar Plum Fairy Donuts - a blend of sweet juicy plums, raisins & currants with nutmeg. mixed spices & liqueurs with a background of jelly doughnuts to soften the spice notes
  • Summer Tea & Cakes - Tea & Cakes, strawberry and rhubarb
  • Superhuman's Bourbon - bourbon based scent with vanilla and a touch of cinnamon and clove
  • Tea Time in a Rose Garden - sweet blackberry jam filled butter cookies with a smattering of rose jam
  • Thai Sticky Rice & Mango - sweet and creamy just like the dessert, notes of coconut, mango, sugar cane, and a touch of vanilla
  • Tropical Xmas - vanilla bean noel (BBW dupe) mixed with a menage of hibiscus and goji berry
  • Woodland Medley - bright citrus, muscadine, violet leaf, patchouli, clove, and mixed berries

* Denotes a potentially limited edition scent. These are not currently scheduled for a restock

This is a scented product meant for the home. Please do not use directly on skin or expose your skin to the product for an extended period of time. IFRA safety regulations allow for home use but not for skin exposure at the high concentration loads of fragrance in this product.

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