DIY Nail Polish Jewelry Kit Instructions

Quick Start / TL;DR

  1. Place cabochons dome side down on blue tacky putty.
  2. Paint cabochons (wait a few minutes between different layers)
  3. Let the layers dry at least 24 hours.
  4. Use included adhesive to glue the cabochon to the appropriately size base.
  5. Let sit undisturbed for 24 – 48 hours to ensure proper bond.

Additional tips:

  1. You may want to put the tacky putty on a piece of flat cardboard so you can move your project out of the way when curing/drying AND to protect your work surface from spills.
  2. Remember the first layer you paint is going to be the “top” layer. So if you want to layer toppers over a base color, you will paint in a reverse order than what order you would paint your nails. Ex. Put down a flakie topper or holo topper first and then paint the base color.
  3. Since some polishes are not fully opaque, choose an opaque color or black or white as the last polish layer so that you get the full color depth and effect from your work. It’s well worth the effort in the end, your colors will “pop” more.
  4. You can stamp or reverse stamp your cabochons before painting them.
  5. You can basically do any nail art on your cabochons that you would normally do on your nails. It just needs to be done in reverse steps.
  6. You can dunk in a watermarble. Use some super sticky tape to attach to the domed part of the cabochon. You can clean up any additional polish from the cabochon with the edge of a scissors once it’s fully dried.
  7. Allowing your work to fully dry and the adhesive to fully cure is important. I know how excited you will be to fast forward the process. It’s definitely not worth being bummed out though. Full cures/drying times make sure your painting isn’t smudged or other unsightly issues making you start over. (I’ve even experienced weird air bubbles that are not pretty because I was too impatient.)
  8. There is no need to use base coats and top coats meant for manicures. Save these for your nails. Regular polish and polish effect toppers will be adhere fine to the glass.
  9. Using glass is great for beginners or experimenting. You can clean up your glass using acetone if you don’t like your design.
  10. We will be adding some non-glass and textured cabochons in a luxe kit on Jan 8th.
  11. We will have refill kits of a few types in our shop on Friday Jan 8th, 2020. Due to PPU terms we are not allowed to offer them before that time.

    Please do not share this link. The instructions are part of the purchase of a Starter Kit or Refill Kit. Please encourage others to get their kits at the links below when available. Thank you! :)



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