2018 LE Polish MMM Overpours (Jan to April)


A maximum of one of each polish may be purchased per person. A backup  may be purchased from this overpour sale if you already own one of these polishes. 

All polishes are LE. No more than 100-125 were created. 

Gaia (April '18) - Green to blue to indigo color shifting "pegasus pee" pigment with sapphire/indigo iridescent flakies

Neptune (March '18) - Teal metallic shimmer with a touch of holo, you can also see some shifting shimmer in person

Plouto (February '18) - Off white crelly with fiery metallic flakies and pink to gold shifting shimmer

Selene (January '18) - Black to white thermal packed with blue shimmer, the shimmer makes the polish look royal blue instead of black from afar


Thank you @thepolishedmage for the beautiful swatches!

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