2018 LE Polish MMM Overpours (October to December)

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A backup may be purchased from this overpour sale if you already own one of these polishes. 

All polishes are LE. No more than 110-125 were created. 


Lo Saturnalia (October '18) - a purple/copper/gold/lime based iridescent shifting topper with orange to green iridescent glitter, holo particles and teal metallic micoflakies 

Orion Slave Girls (November '18) - a teal jelly polish with lime green and turquoise metallic microflakies, thin bright holo glitters, and a sprinkle of copper metallic pigment

Polaris (December '18) - an electric blue jelly polish with blue shimmery pigments and blue metallic flakies with aurora pigment, shifting orange to green iridescent micro glitter and clear holo glitter

Thank you @thepolishedmage for the beautiful swatches!

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