Alhambra - Cobalt Blue Jelly Polish with Flakies, Holo Shards and Red to Green Pigment

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Alhambra is a cobalt blue jelly with red to green shifting pigment, silver holo micro shards and small to large sized iridescent flakies. The pigment in this polish is very, very similar to the pigment used in Fantasy Fire.

Type: jelly polish
Glitter: iridescent flakies, holo shards and shifting unicorn pee pigment.
Opacity: use 3 coats for a jelly polish look or 1 as a topper over any color you'd like
Notes: 3rd photo shows this over a deep blue creme polish

Thanks to @pgsnichole, @msidarose @mylacquercabinet & @kelliegonzo for the beautiful swatches!

Category: color shifting, flakies, jelly

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