Atlantis Deep Sea Clay Facial Sea Salt Soap

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Fox Fire Wax & Bath Co. is excited to bring you our second facial
soap. This Atlantis inspired sea salt soap is for all normal to dry
skin types and it's specifically formulated to hydrate and protect
sensitive and problem skin. It's unscented and naturally colored. It's
known that artificial colors and scents (even natural ones) can be
irritating to skin and we want to start off on the right foot with the
first step of skin care, cleansing.

The butters and oils have been hand picked to offer more moisturizing
properties to the soap than our facial soap from last month. These
ingredients along with the deep sea clay and colloidal oatmeal create
a gentle and soothing soap. It may help those with eczema and
psoriasis. So you could try this bar on your problem areas or entire
body as well, not just your face.

We've added deep sea clay/mud which has a very, very subtle texture
and will help draw out skin impurities and enrich your skin. The
Mediterranean Sea Salt and Deep Sea Clay work together to give a light
exfoliation. These two along with the colloidal oatmeal will provide a
light exfoliation to those who struggle with acne prone or irritated
skin. However, it's gentle enough for those with sensitive skin.

Now you may be asking about the coconut oil in this soap... "isn't
coconut oil comedogenic? won't it clog my pores?" Nope! And here is
why. It is important to understand that the coconut oil in our soap is
“saponified.” When an oil is saponified that means it is no longer an
oil. The chemical reactions in cold process soap making turns oil
molecules into soap molecules by combining it with potassium
hydroxide. So rest assured our facial soaps are non-comedogenic!

Here are some of the key benefits to using a sea salt soap:
  • they are beneficial for the skin in that they help to balance the
  • natural oils in your skin and dont strip it like detergent SLS soaps
  • most importantly it exfoliates as you use it
  • sea salt soap bars are very hard so they last longer than regular bars of soap
  • some say they pull toxins from the body because of the minerals in
  • the sea salt
  • they produce a creamy lather rather than a bubbly one
  • the sea salt allows the skin to better absorb the natural glycerin
  • that is present in cold process soap, which means NATURAL moisture
STATUS: current bars are ready to use when received
As with all bar soaps, leave it to dry in a dish between uses, though
due to the salt in the soap this will happen faster with this bar. Use
after dates will be on the packaging.

Approx 3.75 oz
Ingredients: saponified coconut oil, Mediterranean sea salt, glycerin, saponified shea butter, saponified avocado oil, deep sea clay, colloidial oatmeal, saponified hemp oil, saponified castor oil

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