Break-Away Ice Crystal Wax Melt Bars


These 3D crystal/ice like break-away bar melts are sold as one 3.0oz-3.2oz bar by weight. They are packaged in a polypropelene zipper bag. If you'd like smaller size wax to try first please see the listings here.

Our wax is an in-house blended parasoy wax. These are best cured for 1-2 weeks but we've found them to be even stronger after 3 weeks.

Scent List:

  • Clockwork Orange Cake - dreamsicle with 7up pound cake
  • Demi's Waffles - pecan waffles with extra whipped cream and vermont maple syrup
  • Green Fig & Pink Cedar
  • Island Retreat - blueberries, green notes and citrus nestle into a base of woody amber and musk
  • Lavender Shortbread Cookies
  • Lemon Souffle
  • Peachy 'n Beachy - step onto the beach in Georgia, peaches and salty sea air fill the senses
  • Pineapple & Black Cherry
  • Pineapple Soda
  • Pink Pepper (not a pepper scent) - named after a gothy store that smelled of black vanilla and raspberries in the Raval area of Barcelona
  • Purple Cow
  • Ripe Fig & Cedar
  • Rosa del Raval - mojitos, island fruits and bitters - named after our favorite Mexican restaurant in Barcelona - they have the BEST mojitos ever
  • Spektroliitista - smells like a fire on a cool beach with scents of sea salt and light smoke - a PPU wax rerun
  • Starman - leather seats, black cherry and vanilla
  • Vintage Moto - breathe in leather & sea salt while riding along Hwy 1 on the West Coast
  • Wine & Roses - sweet muscat wine, reminiscent of lychee fruit with a touch of English tea roses for a truly addictive floral fruit scent

This is a scented product meant for the home. Please do not use directly on skin or expose your skin to the product for an extended period of time. IFRA safety regulations allow for home use but not for skin exposure at the high concentration loads of fragrance in this product.

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