Bubble-Pop-Fizz Milk Bath Powder - Fox Fire Wax & Bath Co.

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We first debuted a version of our loose fizzy powder with popping "asteroid candy" back in 2017 as an extra in the LE Cats in Space box, and now it's back and it's been improved!

Start off your spa day with a bubble-crackle-fizz mani or pedi soak or use this for a bath. This is formulated to relax you and to soften and hydrate your skin after a long day. There are so many benefits packed into this formula: cocoa butter, real banana fruit powder and coconut milk to moisturize, the minerals in the sea salt from the Mediterranean will help you relax, and the mango powder is extremely high in Vitamin A, C, & Beta Carotine, it's is used to prevent drying of the skin and promote elasticity.

This Bubble-Pop-Fizz Milk Bath Powder comes with a small measuring cup. Use 1 - 4 scoops in a bath or use 1/2 to 2 scoops as a mani/pedi soak, it's all about preference. This product does not contain Pop Rocks like some have asked, it's a special popping additive specifically formulated for bath products to add a little something fun. 5.5 oz net wt.

Ingredients: sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, european spa salts, sodium lauryl sulfoacetate, arrowroot powder, coconut milk powder, banana and mango fruit powders, cocoa butter, fragrance, sucrose, lactose, hydrolyzed corn starch

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