Cats In Space Box

Prices include shipping! All domestic boxes ship Priority Mail. 

Spoilers can be found in the Baroness X Monthly Mythical Mysteries Spoilers group.

The following will be in the box plus many, many extras:

Live Long & Paws-per (FS) - a rich purple jellyish base with three times the pegasus pee, and a bit of twinkly holo shimmer (opaque in 2-3 coats)
In A Galaxy Purr, Purr Away (FS) -
a deep navy blue base with pink to green shifting shimmer, a rainbow of all colors of shifting iridescent flakies, violet to gold multichrome flakies, a sprinkling of holo microflakies and a touch of orange to green shifty microglitter (opaque in 2 coats)
Meow-ky Way (mini) -
a clear based topper with pink to green shifting unicorn pigment (no UP), pink to green shifting iridescent flakies, sterling silver microflakies and a touch of holo pigment and microflakies
Space Cat (mini) -
a jelly berry pink base turquoise to berry shimmer, sterling silver flakies, and a very light sprinkle of holographic shimmer (opaque in 2-3 coats, can also be used as a topper)

The entire box is valued at $70+, not including shipping.

Thanks to @breedlovehoops, @velashaa, @ninas_nail_art, @bruisedupdollie, and @thepolishedmage for the beautiful swatches.

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