Vegan Matte Cuticle Balm

Category: balm, nail care

A lot of test batches have went into creating the vegan version Matte Balm (or as some call it Swatcher's Balm). If you are looking for a hydrating, low sheen balm then this is the product you've been waiting for. Removing your polish with acetone can leave your fingers ashen and your cuticles dryer than ever. We all want to moisturize post mani but leave the oils and shiny things for repair and overnight wear. During the day and for photos you want something that looks and feels a little more natural. That's where this balm comes in! It absorbs quickly and leaves a powdery yet smooth feeling behind.

As all Baroness X products, this balm is cruelty-free. It's also free of common allergens. FYI for vegans this balm has no beeswax!

You can either use your fingers and rub it in for a few minutes, or as some swatchers do, apply with a small brush.

At this time we are only offering the balm in 10g jars as unscented. If there is a scent you would like please email to make a request, I would have to remelt the balm to add scent at this time since and charge a fee to do it. There isn't as much interest in the vegan version so it doesn't make sense to make scented batches yet. Tell your vegan friends about the balm so we can start rotating stock and offer more options. :)

    mango butter, jojoba oil, coconut oil, aloe leaf extract, candelillia wax, hemp seed oil, sweet almond oil, mineral oil, cyclomethicone, silica, arrowroot powder, tapioca powder, cetearyl alchohol, ceteareth-20, vitamin e

    Containers hold 10g (1/3 oz) or 20g (2/3 oz) of product.

    The (E) after a scent name means the fragrance is made from ONLY essential oils.

    *neither fragrance oil nor essential oil is used in our unscented version



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