demiflux | Mishipechu Cat Pendant

This Mishipeshu* necklace is a snowglobe with cat ears on the top of the cap.

This beautiful snowglobe pendant is filled with a teal liquid and gold reflective glitter to mimic the shimmering of Mishipeshu's scales as he glides through the water. The liquid is my own concoction which is fairly thick and slows the movement of the glitter inside.

The globe at it's widest part is about 20mm wide. It's been sealed with a gold toned topper which is sealed in a multi-step process.

*The most important underwater being for the Ojibwa is Mishipeshu, which means "the Great Lynx." This fantastic dragon-like animal resembles a feline with horns, symbols of his power. It has palmed paws that enable him to swim fast, and his back and tail are covered with scales. Mishipeshu lives in the depths of big lakes. Although he has a feline shape and is an amphibian, he is always described as a reptile.

Ingredients:  glass snowglobe, gold tone cat earred cap, teal non-toxic liquid, gold reflective glitter

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