GalaXy Glints - Nail Burnishing Powders

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Felis (H)
Tucana (H)
Hydra (H)
Draco (H)
Cassiopeia (H)
Stargazer Set (4pc)
Constellation Set (H, 5pc)

GalaXy Glints Burnishing Powders let you customize your mani with a spectacular finish. Top any color with one of the powders to get a special effect.

With Holo - Constellation Set

  • Tucana - pink/gold/green w/holo (THIS IS A LIMITED OPTION for now, may come back if there is demand)
  • Felis - copper/gold/green w/holo (similar to OGUP)
    w/ holo
  • Hydra - gold/lime/green/blue w/holo
  • Draco - green/blue/purple w/holo
  • Cassiopeia - royal blue/royal purple/fuschia w/holo

Without Holo - Stargazer Set

  • Betelgeuse - copper/gold/green (similar to OGUP)
  • Polaris - gold/lime/green/blue
  • Antares - green/blue/purple
  • Rigel - royal blue/royal purple/fuschia


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