GalaXy Glitters - Iridescent and Multichrome Glitter for Nail Art

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Jupiter Moons + Neptune Moons (Set of 6)

GalaXy Glitters Burnishing Powders let you customize your mani with a spectacular and brilliant color shifting glitter finish. The Jupiter Moons glitters are iridescent, sheer glitters, so they will look different based on the color you put them over. The Neptune Moon's are opaque microglitters and they would look best over deeper colors.

With our Bind & Burnish Base Coat you can now use burnishing powders with regular polish. No gel curing or wiping. 

Top any polish color with one of the powders to get a special effect, these will look brightest over medium to dark polishes but they still look great over lighter colors too! 


  1. Paint on a regular coat of the B&B Base Coat (not too thin or too thick).
  2. After about 45 seconds it's time to apply your powder.
  3. You can either dip your finger into the pot and use a brush to get the glitter on the nail, or a stamper head to apply. (There are tutorials on YouTube, hacks on how to apply the glitter with a stamper.)
  4. Use your finger to burnish the glitter in.
  5. Then finish off with our Liquid Crystal Top Coat

2g of product per jar - this is enough for 10-12 full manis. Many people use this just for an accent nail so it would last much longer.

Jupiter Moons (Iridescent)

  • Callisto - pink/yellow/green
  • Europa - green/blue/indigo
  • Io - orange/yellow/green

Neptune Moons (Multichrome Glitters)

  • Proteus - blue/red
  • Galatea - teal/purple
  • Triton - gold/green/sky blue

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