PRE-ORDER #4 - Holo is a Whole Mood Coaster

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This item is now preorder, RTS is sold out. Orders from the following preorders start to on the following dates:

  • Pre-order #1 - July 17th
  • Pre-order #2 - July 24th
  • Pre-order #3 - July 31st
  • Pre-order #4 - Aug 8th

The Holo is a Whole Mood Coaster was inspired by sparkly sugar rimmed and color changing cocktail drinks.

This coaster doubles is a multipurpose piece, it can be used as a sugar rimmer for drinks (the resin is officially safe to come in contact with food), a dish or a soap dish. However, you will get the best color change by using it as a coaster, putting your hot mug on it when the ambient temp is cool, or a cool drink on it when the ambient temps are hot, like outdoors in the summer.

The outside base and top lip have a large holo flakie coating. The inset includes a 12 color change mood effect and it's topped with a rainbow of iridescent flakies. The base of the resin has a green/blue/purple shimmer which is a little harder to see in photos than in person.

The coaster weighs approx 3oz and is solid resin and pigments, no fillers. This coaster is made using a 5 step process, so it's pretty labor intensive for a resin piece. The inset measures 3.75" (95mm) and the total width is 3.875" (99mm).

resin, special effects pigments

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