Hydrating Matte Lotion with Jojoba and Hemp Oil - Now 3 oz


Category: hydrating, lotion, nail care

This lotion hydrates and absorb quickly without leaving any greasiness thanks to the jojoba and hemp oils. You can use it with a brush around your cuticles or use as a hand creme.

It absorbs quickly, making it a perfect lotion if you work a desk job so you don't get everything full of oils and fingerprints. It instantly hydrates your skin and cuticles.

Comes in a travel size tube with flip top cap. Filled to 3 oz. by weight.


    water, soy oil, jojoba oil, acetyl alcohol, polysorbate 20, triethanolamine, vit. e, vit. a, hemp oil, cocoa butter, preservative, f.o.

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