RTS - Ice Crystal Breakaway Bar Wax Melt - Fox Fire Wax & Bath Co.

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These scents are available in break apart bars and weights approximately 3.3 - 3.5 oz (by weight).

Scent List for RTS items: https://baronessx.com/pages/wax-scent-list
New scents and restocked scents are Preorder: 

New Scents:

  • All Things Fall* - a warm blend of cinnamon apple, fresh leaves, pumpkin spice, and a touch of vetiver and patchouhi
  • Apple Cider Donut - apple cider cake donuts sprinkled with cinnamon sugar - inspired by the fresh donuts at our local orchard in Washington State
  • Black Currant Tea - tart currants, bergamot, and honey, brewed in an earthy black tea
  • Fall Treats* - crunchy, sweet and salty caramel corn with a sprinkling of candy corn mixed in
  • Leaves - fruit notes combine with enchanting spices to capture the magical essence of autumn leaves
  • Pumpkin Souffle - a true fresh pumpkin blend - notes of pumpkin puree, molasses, brown sugar and fall spices
  • Salted Caramel Pecans* - toasted pecans with a salted caramel coating.
  • Tiger's Blood* - watermelon, strawberry and coconut, inspired by Hawaiian shaved ice flavors

Restocked Scents:

  • Isle of Man
  • Lemon Souffle*
  • Pink Pepper*
  • Purple Cow
  • S'mores

* denotes custom scent blend

Fox Fire branded wax is an in-house blended para-soy wax. These are best cured for 1-2 weeks but we've found them to be even stronger after 3 weeks.

This is a scented product meant for the home. Please do not use directly on skin or expose your skin to the product for an extended period of time. IFRA safety regulations allow for home use but not for skin exposure at the high concentration loads of fragrance in this product.

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