Ice & Fire Full Collection

This listing is for the full sized Ice & Fire Collection.  All of the polishes (except Night's King) in the Ice & Fire Collection have a metallic shimmer, holo pigment and complimentary shimmer or glass flakies.

Fire & Blood - dark grey w/ metallic silver shimmer, red shimmer and red microflakies
We Do Not Sow - black w/ metallic copper shimmer
Hear Me Roar - cranberry red w/ metallic gold shimmer, red shimmer & gunmetal microflakies
Family, Duty, Honour - rust red w/ metallic silver shimmer, blue shimmer & blue microflakies
Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken - terracotta w/ gold metallic shimmer & red microflakies
Ours Is The Fury - antique gold w/ metallic gold shimmer & gunmetal microflakies
Growing Strong - oxidized copper w/ metallic copper shimmer & gold shimmer
As High As Honor - cerulean blue jelly w/ metallic silver shimmer 
Winter Is Coming - light grey w/ metallic silver shimmer & gunmetal microflakies
Night's King (LE) - blue crelly w/blue glow pigment, turquoise flakies, white glass shimmer & holo pigment.*

*This is only available in the full sized set or as the bonus polish in the Pick 5 sets.

Thanks to @amotherofdragoneggs & @breedlovehoops for the beautiful swatches!

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