LE Fox Fire Box Overpours + 1 Batch Polishes

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Auroral Song - a navy blue jelly base of a night sky with aurora flashing: OG UP (red to green) pigment with orange to green, green to indigo iridescent flakies and a touch of micro holo pigment and metallic blue micro pigment to mimic the stars through the aurora

Celestial Warriors (flakie magnetic) - magnetic magenta/copper/gold/green flakies, teal green to blue to purple shifting pigment and green to blue to purple iridescent flakies

Fox Fires (flakie version) - Available as a 8ml mini only now, it comes with the fox ring in photo - like the aurora reflecting off shimmery ice and snow, this topper is full of blue to purple microflakies, silvery white snow microflakies, pink to green iridescent flakies and a bit of holo microflakies (a glitter version of this topper was originally made for the January 2017 Monthly Mythical Mysteries).

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