Lotus Mirror Compacts

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This compact with mirror has a crystalized shaped matte iridescent lotus on top. There are a few in other colors, OGUP orange to green, teal to purple, green to indigo, etc.

The mirror is a regular mirror (not magnified) and the compact insert will hold necklaces, small earrings. You could even pack your own powder into it if you wish. There would be enough room, if packed correctly, for you to store your powder puff pad in it.

The compact itself is a nice weight along with the shifty resin piece on top, weighing about 2.75 oz, point being it's not a cheap/flimsy case, it's well built.
The compact is 7cm or 2.8" across and 3.6cm or 1.4" high. The insert/tray inside measures 5.9cm or 2.3" across and 1cm or .4" (space between bottom of tray and top of mirror).