Magnets - demiflux OOAK and short runs

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Third Eye Cat
Holo Alien
Sailor Moon Star
Green/Orange Multichrome Flakie Alien
Multichrome Stripe Holo Alien
Horned Cat
Multichrome Stripe Holo Alien 2
Black Holo Alien

One of a kind and short run (limited quantity) magnets made by hand. You can also contact us for custom requests and large qty discounts. Email us at with details.

All magnets are made using resin and rare earth neodymium magnets. Magnets are smooth on the back to prevent scratches which can happen with cheaper quality magnets.

Aliens measure approx 3cm wide x 4cm high.
Horned Cats measure approx 5.7cm wide x 4.5cm high.
Third Eye Cats measure approx 5.7cm wide x 4cm high.
Sailor Moon Stars measure approx 5cm across.