July 2017 - Monthly Mythical Mysteries

You will receive a full size polish with an extra or extras* (value of package will range from $18-$26). Each month will feature a polish inspired by a different mythical being or object. The photos are of PRIOR mysteries, not this month.

Hint for this month: pegasus pee

Available from June 17th (8pm PT) to June 30th (midnight) or until it's sold out, whichever happens first. There will be 100 available this month.

Orders ship July 7th - 10th.

The Monthly Mythical Mysteries (MMM) will be up for purchase for about 15 days each month. Mid-October of each year, people who have purchased the polishes will be able to vote on which polishes come back for purchase so they can be sold for the holidays. Note that the polishes that make a comeback will not have extras with them.


If you choose not to have unscented extras, there may not be an option to receive the same item(s) as everyone else... in this case you will receive a substitute of equal value such as unscented mani bombs or Royal Oil.


Monthly Mythical Mysteries subscriptions do not count toward the Baroness X Royalties program.

If you would like to subscribe please email customerservice@baronessx.com

Scented Extra(s)?

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