Soothing Oatmeal Milk & Honey Sea Salt Soap

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This exfoliating sea salt soap bar is scented with a warm blend of oats, creamy milk, and sweet honey finished with a touch of nutty almonds. We've added collodial oatmeal to help soothe and kaolin clay to add more slip to the lather.

Here are some of the key benefits to using a sea salt soap:
  • they are beneficial for the skin in that they help to balance the natural oils in your skin and don't strip it like detergent SLS soaps
  • most importantly it exfoliates as you use it
  • sea salt soap bars are very hard so they last longer than regular bars of soap
  • some say they pull toxins from the body because of the minerals in the sea salt
  • they produce a creamy lather rather than a bubbly one
  • the sea salt allows the skin to better absorb the natural glycerin present in cold process soap, which means NATURAL moisture
As with all bar soaps, leave it to dry in a dish between uses, though due to the salt in the soap this will happen faster with this bar.

Bar weight is 4 oz.

saponified coconut oil, Mediterranean sea salt, glycerin, saponified olive oil, saponified organic shorea sal butter, saponified organic shea butter, saponified organic hemp oil, 
fragrance, saponified castor oil, collodial oatmeal, kaolin clay, mica

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