October 2018 - Monthly Mythical Mysteries

Scented Extra(s)?

You will receive a full size polish with an extra (or extras). Each month will feature a polish inspired by a different mythical being or object. The photos are of PRIOR mysteries, not this month.

There is a space theme this year for the MMMs.

Hint for this month: Saturn

Available from October 10th (5pm PT) until it's sold out or until October 27th (midnight PT). There are only about 20-25 a la carte MMMs available this month (depending on if you choose scented or unscented)

Orders start shipping October 28th.


If you choose to have unscented extras, there may not be an option to receive the same item(s) as everyone else... in this case you will receive a substitute of equal value such as unscented Acetone Antidote or Royal Oil.


Monthly Mythical Mysteries subscriptions do not count toward the Baroness X Royalties program. Subscriptions are available for customers who live in the United States. These come with free shipping. Subscriptions are handled manually, so adding and removing subscribers is time consuming. We recommend only subscribing if you intend on receiving three or more MMM boxes in a row.

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