OGUP Small Batch Mysteries

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Limit 2 polishes per person - There are two colors available, if you order 2 you will receive one of each. If you order 1 you can request a color but it is not guaranteed, this is technically a mystery listing.
- a saturated deep blue jelly with double OGUP and UCC flakies
- a grape purple crelly with double OGUP and blue iridescent flakies

There are no cabs on these polishes.

These are all of the colors that were produced during the testing process while creating some of the most beloved Baroness X UP colors. These could be close to a well known Baroness X shade, or it could be something never seen before. The colors being sold in this listing have never been released and never will be.

Category: mysteries, mystery, OGUP, unicorn pee, up

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