Polish Restoration Potion - Polish Thinner - 5-Free

Powers that be,
help our polish not be clumpy.
Bring back to it every quality it has seen,
since the very beginning.

Over the years you may find that older bottles of nail polish get thick and gloopy. This occurs when solvents evaporate, namely ethyl acetate and butyl acetate. These two ingredients help nail polish dry on your nails, so when they evaporate from the polish bottle, they cause nail polish to thicken up.

Baroness X Polish Restoration Potion replenishes these two important ingredients restoring your polish to a more fluid state.

  • For a slightly thick polish add 2-3 drops, shake well and assess the consistency.
  • Continue this process until you have reached the ideal consistency.
  • When trying to restore dried or nearly dried out polish we recommend filling the bottle to the fill line where I was before it started to evaporate. Then let the bottle sit overnight.
    • Shake or stir with a clean paperclip or toothpick in the morning to incorporate the ingredients.
  • Be sure to clean off nail polish necks with acetone or thinner before recapping the bottle to avoid further issues.
  • Glitter polish uses a thicker suspension base than creme based colors. Using too much thinner can reduce the suspension properties of glitter based colors.
    • Work slowly and never use more than was is needed to restore a color to its original properties. 
  • Never use acetone to thin polishes. This breaks down the polish AND the glitters and it will not be able to be recovered.

Store Baroness X Polish Restoration Potion with the original cap to prevent product evaporation. This should be stored in a cool to room temp location for longest shelf life.

Ingredients: ethyl acetate, butyl acetate


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