Rings - demiflux OOAK and short runs


One of a kind and short run (limited quantity) rings made by hand. Rings are made using a variety of pigments and contain either glass or resin. All rings have an adjustable band and the setting is nickel and lead free, per regulation.

Some rings may be made with vintage German or Japanese glass set in unique, discontinued settings.

Rose Ring, princess silver setting: 25mm
Round Mermaid Scales, princess silver setting: 25mm
High Dome Purple Ring, gunmetal: 13x18mm
Mood Ring, princess silver setting: 13x18mm
Neon Black Crackle, gunmetal lace band: 25mm
Silver/Iridescent Full Moon, silver band: 20mm
Vintage Vitrail-green to purple iridescent, princess silver band: 15mm