Sniffie Sample - Smell Tester with $1 Coupon

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Now you can test a smell before committing to it! Pick one scent or make your own two scent blend per sample.  

Sniffie samples are $1 each and come with a $1 coupon for any scented item in the shop.  In other words the coupon can be used on the Acetone Additive, Royal Oil, lotions, and dry oils. 

You will receive a small zipper bag with a cotton swab in it which has a few drops of the scent on it.

Please limit the sniffie samplers to 10 per person, per month/every 30ish days. (If you have orders combined from end of one month to the beginning of another I ask that you please stick to 10 samples.) Note that some scents will slightly change when put into a base like lotion, etc. Meaning they will become more grounded and more dimensional. The idea of these samples are to just give a basic idea of the scent notes. Some of the scent notes will be more "colorful" in the finished product. This is a good thing. I've never smelled a straight fragrance oil that smelled better out of the bottle vs. in a product. 

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