Su-purrr-nova - Grape/Berry Jelly w/ Green to Purple Shimmer & Microshards

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Su-purrr-nova - grape/berry jelly with green to purple shimmer, pink holo glitter microshards, blue iridescent microshards and pink to green iridescent flakies - use as a topper or build it up.

Glitter: None

Opacity: 2-3 coats alone or 1 coat over a base color

Notes: Cats In Space boxes can be purchased here. Full boxes retail for $55 plus shipping, and half boxes retail for $40 plus shipping. Boxes are loaded with a bundle of extras!

Thank you @thepolishedmage, @cosmeticsanctuary, @breedlovehoops, @the.lacquered.lizzard for the beautiful swatches!

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