The Weekender Travel Pack

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All of your favorites packed into The Weekender Travel Pack! This includes a .3oz sample size of each of the following: Fixer Elixir, Wunderbust, and Tea Potion Face Moisturizer.

Fixer Elixir

This is a thick cuticle cream specially formulated to hydrate and improve dry cuticles. Use 2-3 times a day for rough cuticles or once a day as a maintenance product.

Ingredients: h2o, aloe vera juice, MSM, rosehip seed oil, kelp extract, neem extract, lanolin, argan oil, jojoba oil, glycerin, hemp oil, beeswax, castor, rosemary extract, dl panthenol, wheat germ oil, allantoin, stearic acid, emulsifying wax, silver dihydrogen citrate, citric acid, fragrance

Wunderbust - Vegan

This is a natural, indie anti-aging cream formulated with sensitive skin in mind. This cream will help keep your décolletage and face supple and youthful. 

Ingredients: aloe vera juice, shea butter, mct (coconut) oil, olive squalane, vegetable glycerin, vegetable emulsifying wax, vegetable derived stearic acid, dl panthenol (pro-vitamin b), safflower oil, msm, green tea extract, darjeeling tea extract, gotu kola extract, rooibos extract, white tea extract, ecocert propanediol, hyaluronic acid, camellia oil, glyceryl stearate se, hydrolyzed pumpkin, sweet almond extract, silver dihydrogen citrate, citiric acid, dipalmitoylhydroxyprolene, vitamin E, argan oil, oat beta glucan, ecocert gluconolactone, allantoin, xanthan gum, ecocert sodium benzoate

Tea Potion Face Moisturizer - Vegan

A simple, all natural, vegan face moisturizer formulated for all skin types. This medium weight moisturizer is nourishing enough for harsh winter weather, but light enough for those warm summer days.

Ingredients: water, aloe vera juice, shea butter, camellia oil, fractionated coconut oil, olive squalane, vegetable glycerin, emulsifying wax (veggie based), stearic acid (veggie based), pro-vitamin B5, safflower oil, MSM, green tea extract, silver dihydrogen citrate, citric acid

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