Thinning the Veil - Iridescent Flake Multichrome Waterglobe Pen - Snowglobe Pen


The iridescent flakes in this multichrome pen will sink to the bottom when resting so you can have fun playing around, stirring it up and admiring the shift inside. (Hold it up to the light and the color of the shimmer will switch to the opposite side of the color wheel.) 

There is a non-toxic liquid concoction inside that allows the flakes to flow a bit slower than just regular water. We've also added a small glass bubble inside to help "stir" the contents.

We love waterglobe anything here at demiflux! One of the first items we made 11 years ago when we opened, was waterglobe rings and necklaces. So we are super excited about these waterglobe pens!

Extra ink refills* make these pens a "green" choice, versus disposable plastic pens. Diamond Waterglobe Pen Refills are also available here. Refills are available in black or blue ink. We have a limited number of blue refills available at this time.

Pen ink is black.

*Please limit refills to 4 per the number of pens you've purchased. These refills do not work with many other pen types, so they likely won't work with any other pens you own.

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