Unicorn Cakes - Silver Holo Cupcake Glitter Polish with Neon Glitter

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Unicorn Cakes is a clear glitter topper with never before seen silver holographic and pink cupcake shaped glitter. Mixed among the cupcake glitter are colbalt blue, bright aqua blue, neon green and neon pick glitter hexes and mini bars. Also there is a sprinkling of silver holo microglitter.

This glitter topper really pops over white but it would look great over so many shades, neon pastels, black, a soft pink...

Fishing is typically not needed with my new base formulations as long as you roll the bottle gently between your hands for a few minutes before application. Just to be sure you don't run out of cupcakes you will also receive a small bag of extra cupcake glitter. You can either add them to the bottle or use for placement.

Thanks to @thebeautyofnailpolish on IG for the beautiful swatches!


      Category: cupcake, glitter, hex, holo, topper

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