X-Armageddon - X Army Group Custom


Limit one per person this round. You must be a member of the X Army group to purchase. Please do not distribute the link to users outside the group.

Please leave your Facebook name if it differs from your shipping name.

This begins shipping on Saturday, September 15th.

You can choose to purchase an undie for this, (choose option "Yes") which we have named The End Times. The undie (no swatches) will be comprised of double pigments of the same base color of X-Armageddon, basically a more opaque jelly.

Type: Cool berry jelly with UP and a sprinkle of holo pigment
Glitter: None
Opacity: 2-3 coats
Notes: This can be worn alone or as a topper. Last 5 photos show this as a topper over a blurple, red and black.

Thank you to @bedlambeauty, @velashaa, @melimelofocus and @thepolishedmage for the beautiful swatches.