Sea Salt Stain Remover Soap

Our popular Fox Fire sea salt soap, specifically formulated not for your body but to remove fabric stains!

This cold-process (handmade from scratch) soap bar can be used to remove stains including wine, rust, grease, blood, ink and mildew from clothing. It's also great for getting the yellow stains out of the armpits of shirts. Our favorite use for this bar for getting deodorant and anti-perspirant out of bras and shirts.


  • The sea salt helps the bar last longer and keeps the bar harder for rubbing the soap into the stain.
  • Sea salt also helps with stain removal due to the chemical makeup of salt and due to the micro-abrasiveness of the salt in the soap bar.
  • Salt is an excellent household cleaner used to remove different kinds of stains.

Always use colder water at first. Just wet one corner of the bar and the stained area of the fabric and rub the soap onto the stain. Then rub the fabric together to lather the soap into the stain. Rinse out, repeat if needed, and then wash it in a regular load. As with all soaps, keep away from water when not in use to extend the life of the bar.

This bar weighs approximately 1.6-1.7 oz, and should last well over a year depending on your household size and how accident prone they are. :)

The faceted heart shape was specifically chosen to allow for as much pointy scrubbing as possible. Try to work it into a triangle shape to get the most use out of it.

Ingredients: saponified coconut oil, Mediterranean sea salt, saponified shorea sal butter

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