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The product pictures we use on the site and for advertising are from bloggers like you. We also depend on you to get the word out about our products. We're a small business and our marketing budget comes directly from the fur babies toy fund. Every time you mention our product you make a difference and we appreciate this.

When you sign up below you will be put on the list of bloggers we send swatch packages to. Although we can't send everyone polish to review, we always thank a handful of qualified bloggers with special promotions. 

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A personal message from Demi:

I ask that you provide your audience with an honest review. I prefer working in a drama-free environment, plain and simple. I interact professionally with my swatchers and I ask the same in return. I want my bloggers and customers to be happy with my products. However, if you aren't happy about something in particular be honest and say why in the review, though I always welcome the opportunity to address any issues you may encounter.

See below regarding our current processing times.

Our current turn around time is 1-8 business days (excluding weekends and holidays). Custom items may take an additional 3 days. Preorder items are exempt from this TAT.